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Ahmard Hall's Revived Football Career

Ahmard Hall always held on to his dream of playing college football. Though Ahmard was a successful high school athlete—a senior captain on the football team, receiving first team all-district honors—his academic discipline was lacking. With the guidance of his brother-in-law, a Marine, Ahmard decided to follow by example and enlist in the Marine Corps.

The Army Navy Rivalry Game

“The Army-Navy rivalry is unlike any other football game; it’s hard to find words that really explain it,” New England Patriots and former Navy long snapper Joe Cardona says. After surviving more than a century of fierce competition and a week full of pre-game pranks, the 116th Army-Navy game is set to take place this

Nick Umble's Work Ethic

Nick Umble served 20 years in the army and 14 of them as a Green Beret. He was the leader of the First Special Forces Group, an airborne unit specializing in hostage rescues, and he has served in thirty countries. (David Wilhelm, Miami Herald) Raised in Newton, Iowa, Nick attended Mediapolis High School. A teenager

Khalief Gamble

I was recruited from several different division 1 colleges in high school but chose to serve my country. I joined the military Oct 14th, 2014 exactly 4 months after receiving my high school diploma. The army has done nothing but better me as an individual. I’ve become a man strong willed and determined, disciplined and

Chris Aiken's Brothers-in-arms

When Chris Aiken turned 18, his mother gave him three options: get a job, go to school, or enlist. Aiken chose the third. He joined the army and served two tours in Iraq in the military police. During his first tour, he worked in customs. His second was spent in Samarra, where danger and conflicts

Transitioning in 2017, Are You Ready?

Each January, approximately one in three Americans resolve to improve themselves or their lives in someway. Us servicemen and women are no exception — In order to create a future that honors your military service and sacrifice, you must be well-prepared. Here are a few, solid, actionable resolutions to make this year as you think

Daquan Johnson

Growing up, sports was all I was good at. Due to family issues, I’ve been to three high schools. I attempted to still go after sports, playing basketball and track my junior and senior year. With me being brand new and attending a big football program high school, no one was really interested since I

Tom Hruby Never Stops: Husband, Father, Athlete, Student, and SEAL

Tom Hruby wakes up at 4AM. He drives from Indiana to Illinois, arriving at Northwestern by 6am. He stops at the training room, takes the field for practice, watches film, and then has class till 6PM. After school Hruby, a husband and father of four young children, drives back to Indiana to spend quality time

Salina Edwards

I am Salina Edwards from New Smyrna Beach, FL. I was a three-year basketball player at Glenmuir High School, May Pen, Clarendon and was a part of two teams that made it to the National Championships and one team that finished third in the nation. Throughout my career, I focused on being a well-rounded athlete

Marquarious Nolan

Degree Programs: Business, Management, Marketing, And Related Support Services. States: No preference I was born and raised in Alabama, I’ve played football and basketball since I was a kid and grew to love both sports. I graduated from a Prattville High School in 2012 then went active duty military, I’ve been in the service for