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I was recruited from several different division 1 colleges in high school but chose to serve my country. I joined the military Oct 14th, 2014 exactly 4 months after receiving my high school diploma. The army has done nothing but better me as an individual. I’ve become a man strong willed and determined, disciplined and ready to complete any task given at hand. Some often have a misconception that people who are physically strong are the ones who make great leaders. That’s not the case, a good leader needs to be mentally strong and able to make firm decisions. Having been overseas I gained great maturity. I’ve been put in certain situations to where a mind was not able to function but was given no choice but to overcome. Leading my platoon through a 2 week course with communication or help from others until complete. I’ve stayed in shape both physically and academically. Completing courses throughout my 3 years that ranged from athletic and education to get to the next rank. I believe that education truly is the key for success. “A person without education is like a bird without wings” a moto that has stuck with me since graduating basic training. Furthering my education has always been a high goal in life. Football has been keeping me going throughout the years, hoping that i’ll get another chance to step on the field again.

I am just asking for an opportunity, an opportunity to prove myself and the others around me that I am the best at what I do when I am put on the spotlight. I’m willing to give a 110% on and off the field. Letting my leadership skills guide me in the write path no matter the position or the school.