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Growing up, sports was all I was good at. Due to family issues, I’ve been to three high schools. I attempted to still go after sports, playing basketball and track my junior and senior year. With me being brand new and attending a big football program high school, no one was really interested since I never played the sport. Months before graduation, I had nothing set for me after high school. I decided to join the US Army to get a jump start with life. I was assigned to the 173rd IBCT in Vicenza, Italy for a year and a half. I’m currently stationed in 16th MP BDE. on Ft. Bragg, NC. I’ve tried online college but that was very tough due to me being a MP, with the steady changing schedules and long hours of work. I dropped the course and put a hold on school until I ETS next year.

I came across the Athletes of Valor page on social media. It honestly sounded too good to be true but there was literally nothing to lose. I attended a camp and now looking forward to attending any college. I just want the opportunity to go after this dream I’ve always had and take it to the next level. I’m putting in a lot of work to myself and will continue to do so.