Ty Harper

I started playing football my sophomore year (2007-2008) of high school at Kingman Academy of Learning as a DE. For my junior and sophomore years, I have improved my skill as DE, TE and special teams. Senior year (2009-2010) was the team captain and also was our kicker (we on-side kick majority of the time and recovered it). That year we lost in the semi finals and I received the coaching award. the coaching award was given to me for dedication and devotion to helping out all players to improve their skills on and off the field.(2010-2011)From high school, I went to my head coaches college team that he played for in Peru, Ne. I went to Peru State College as a walk on and made the team as a DE, then decided to red shirt my first year. With my fall semester and playing football, I was carrying about a 2.7 GPA. But once I started to realized how much money it was costing my family to keep me up there, then spring semester came around and I started to fall behind on everything, just because of my mind set of having my parents pay for college. so I drop out of college after that semester.From this point, I moved back to my hometown and started working but still miss playing football. But I caught wind of a semi pro football team in my area called the Mohave Valley Bengals. From here I was playing TE, OLB and DE, And after my second game, I was promoted to one of the team captains. We made it to the playoffs and I got put on the leagues 1st team D for the all-star game.it’s 2012 and I joined the United States Marine Corps as an Assualt Amphibious Vehicle(AAV) Marine at Camp Pendleton, Ca. Went on the 13th MEU from 2013-2014. then when I got back from my first deployment I joined my battalion’s football team where I played DE LB and TE. After that, I went on the 31st MEU 2015-2016 and that’s where I re-enlisted for another four years. When I got back from the MEU I moved to a nondeployable unit.2017- present. Southern California Warriors currently playing DE and LB. Ending the the 1st season with 19 tackles , 6.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery ,1 touchdown and all for a loss of 232 yards.