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I started playing football at 8 years old,for the Westside Wildcats in Jacksonville Fl. I played running back all the way up until highschool.I attended Andrew Jackson senior high playing under head coach Kevin Sullivan.I started as a defensive end,all special teams,and subbed in at weakside linebacker and fullback after establishing myself as an agressive player, and a heavy hitter.During my senior year I broke my schools record for punt blocks and punt block touchdowns in a single season.That year we went 11-1. I was captain of the Varsity wrestling team for 2 years and won MVP my senior year. I ended up signing on signing day to a small school in Albuquerque NM. The NM bandits, which was a prep school that supposedly had connections with the NM Lobos. The goal was to attend school at CNM for a year and then walk on to the Lobos. Under Head coach Farasi Norman,I started at Strong safety and all special teams.The greatest game I had under the bandits I caused a forced fumble,had 2 interceptions and ran a fumble recovery 80 yards for a touchdown against Hardin-Simmons university.I also played kick return in which during a kick return I ran the ball about 60 yards before pitching it back to another returner who ran it the rest of the way for a touchdown.My career was cut short due to the loss of my older brother who passed away late in the season. With the support of my coach and teammates ,I went back home to take care of and be there for my mother, nieces and nephew. With that In mind I joined the military to better assist and begin my own life. Now 6 years later ,fully capable and motivated.My family is healthy and able to care for themselves. I believe its time for me to reclaim my original dream of playing college football.Ill do whatever it takes or make whatever sacrifices I have to make in order for that to happen. If it were to take me to the next level Id claim it as my blessing. If it were to put me in position to earn a scholarship in order to pay for my degree along with the G.I. bill I would count that as a blessing just as well. This is a potentially life changing opportunity and I’m looking to make the most of it.

My time in the military has shown me how to take initiative, analyze, and prioritize. I did online classes during my enlistment which helped me to understand the importance of education and time management.Running an arms room and a cbrn (chemical biological radioactive and nuclear) cage taught me the benefits of attention to detail accountability and responsibility. Taking charge of and running a team of six soldiers showed me that I had leadership capabilities and patience. I am a natural leader, and motivator ready and willing to adapt and overcome any obstacle that stands in my way. The qualities I have obtained over the last 6 years have matured me and made me more than prepared to handle not only the classroom setting but the field as well. This time will be so much better.