Max Linse

I was a 4 year starter at Linebacker during my time in high school. Each season recording 60 plus tackles a year. During my tenure in high school, I helped anchor the conference’s best defence and multiple playoff births. I also have been playing ice hockey since I was 3 years old. During my time I have won many awards including the teams best defenseman all 4 years, 4 first place tournament trophies, and the Killer Karlsson award from my teammates. Hockey runs in my family as well, my dad played in the AHL for the Chicago Blackhawks in the 1990s. When I graduated high school, I had a offers from division 3 football and hockey programs but turned them down to join the United States Army. During my time in the Army I found the inner strength and drive to overcome many challenging hurdles life in the service throws people’s way. Overcoming these hurdles was expected to keep your buddies safe, as well as yourself. In the Army I was a 12W, Carpentry Masonry Specialist. We would be attached to an combat team, and build things like barracks to sleep and working latrines in the middle of Afghanistan, as well as build FOBS. (Forward Operating Base) Through teamwork and skill we accomplished our mission.

I left the Army in February 2017, and I am currently working construction to pay the bills, but my passion for playing sports has never faded, and would like to continue to play in college. I will bring the same 110 percent effort and dedication that the Army taught me, to academics and sports alike. You can also expect me to always be on time and to be the best teammate around, no questions asked.