Matt Rizzo

Growing up I enjoyed playing football, yet could never afford to play on a team. l started my athletic career playing soccer at an early age where I continued to play in high school. I was a three year varsity starter on both the soccer and wrestling teams for Malden High School in Malden, Massachusetts. Being the varsity soccer goalie I was able to develop strong hand-eye coordination skills that have helped me immensely in my athletic career. I was a captain of the wrestling team, and as a senior I qualified for states at 160 pounds. Since high school I have remained dedicated to the weight room and now weigh 220 pounds. I was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas for four years while on Active Duty. During that time I was able to play ultimate frisbee for the Kansas State University mens team. The speed and agility used in ultimate frisbee translates well to the football field and helped me maintain my overall athleticism while outside of the gym.

My experience between high school athletics and the military have made me a strong leader. The lessons I have learned have made me both mentally and physically tough so that I am able to handle adversity and ultimately be a better athlete. I am interested in the opportunity of joining a team where I can leverage my experience and be an asset whether it be in a game or as a leader in the locker room. I know that I will give 100% to the team and as a veteran, I hold myself to the highest of academic and athletic standards.