Joshua Horn

My name is Joshua horn, I am 23 Years of age and I am looking to attend a four year university to expand my educational background. Along with that I have an extreme desire to get back on the football field. The last nearly 5 years since I left high school I have spent my time in the United States Marine Corps infantry. I was a Sergeant leading Marines over the course of multiple deployments and countless training operations. I believe that the lessons I’ve learned in regards to leadership as well as our 3 core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment will translate directly onto the playing field. I know how to be a leader. I also know how to be a follower in order to learn from those more experienced than myself. That’s what it takes to better yourself in a team environment. This summer I will be attending multiple football camps and clinics and have been training for this for quite some time now. I stand at 6 feet tall weighing in at 230 pounds and I’m determined to hop back on the field as a Linebacker. In high school I spent three years at the Varsity level. My Junior season was curtailed by a broken hand that after multiple games of playing through the pain, was diagnosed with an urgent need for surgery. I came back from that surgery for my senior season stronger than before, physically and mentally. I was a division leader in tackles, recorded numerous sacks, TFL’s, forced fumbles, and even an Interception returned for a touchdown. I believe that I have the strength, speed, instincts, and tenacity to play at any level.

That being said, With my military service covering my tuition fees, I am not someone doing this for a scholarship. I’m trying to get back on the field to play for my love of the game. I will face any challenge I must and I will ride the bench if need be in order to earn my spot, as I understand that’s how it goes for most walk on players. All I ask is for the information that I will need in order to attend any future tryouts and put my abilities to the test so that I can prove my worth.