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HI, my name is Jonathan LeGrand. I am 24 years old from Dothan Al. I am currently serving as a corporal in the Untied States Marine Corps. I am trying to play baseball and/or football when I exit my time in the service. I have many years experience in both games and understand them both very well. I was never scouted to play at a higher level because I was too small for my position. However, I have finally grown in to my body and believe I could play at the colligate level.My dream is to be on a college level team even if its as a backup. Im a coachable,hardworking player who understands/learns the game quickly and plays with my heart. I wont give up.

Name: Dothan High School
Graduation Date June 2012
Hometown: Dothan, AL

College Name: Troy University
Start Date: August 2012
End Date: May 2013
GPA: 1.9