John Thurman

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I starting playing cornerback in my junior year of high school in Clinton, Mississippi. I watched game film on opponents to the point that in the game I knew what plays they could do out of the formation and what routes to expect. On top of watching game film, I trained outside of practice on my own time and on the weekends. These two factors caused teams to not throw to my side all game or just a few times a game. That made it really hard to make a highlight tape when no team will come at you. I guess that’s where the saying “a good corner is never heard about” comes from. Being a dual sport athlete I ended up attending Jackson State University as 100m and 200m sprinter. My time at JSU was cut short do to financial and family issues. I saw my best decision to help my family and myself was to join the Air Force. There is much more to my story that I would love to share with a coach and a team some day. I have been so eager to get back on the field. I train every day so that when the opportunity arises it is undeniable that I am a high caliber athlete that understands and dominates the conerback position. I would like to add that I am a threat at the RB position as well.

Name: Clinton High School
Graduation Date May 2014
Hometown: Clinton, MS

College Name: Jackson State University
Start Date: August 2014
End Date: December 2014
GPA: 3.0