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My name is George Stevenson Blair III. I was a 2 year player on varsity. I really don’t have highlights or anything to prove how well I can perform on the gridiron. My Freshmen year i was on the Freshmen team I played RB, WR, LB, KR. That year I didn’t play as much because of I’ve always had nervousness. I’ve always worked hard in the weight room, and I’ve always tried my best in the class. The following year I was on the JV sophomore team. I played Runningback and Defensive end and that year didn’t go well because I’ve injured my ankle and it slowed me down throughout the the season and i tried to play Varsity team but, the coach didn’t want me. The next year in my junior year of high school I tried too be a Running back again but, unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough for the coaches so, instead I ended up playing Noseguard, and they mainly brought me in to go after the quarterback because I was quick off the line. I never played that many games. My senior year of high school we had gotten a new coach and I was able to play Runningback but, once again I didn’t play a single down all season and that was the most depressing year. At one point I asked the coach too help me and he never helped me learn the plays I had an issue with the new playbook. However, I kept being positive cause that year we went to the state championship. We didn’t win but, we had an opportunity too go and I’ve supported my teammates all four years.

I graduated in 2013 and in 2014 I’ve joined the Army. The Army has helped strengthen myself physically and mentally. I am a Specialist now and I’m coming up on 7 or 8 months of my ETS date which is March 2nd 2018. When I heard about this combine I took this opportunity to train myself hard and I’ve been training for the last 3 years because I want another chance to play football and go to college.