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My name is Collin O’Donnell, and I am highly motivated. In 2011, after graduating high school, I kept eating as if i was a lineman, I had lost my sense of discipline after football and lacrosse and felt lost, I failed nearly all my entry level college classes and ate myself into oblivion before realizing i was wasting the gift given to me. I lost my first 75 out of 100 pounds in less than 6 months of intensive training and joined the U.S Army, following basic training I was sent to Fort Polk, Louisiana where I was given my orders to Afghanistan. Upon return I worked immensely hard to reach new potential in weight lifting and physical aptitude, I can run faster, lift heavier, go harder and maintain myself longer than anyone available for recruiting to you currently and I’m willing to prove it under any circumstance. My squat is over 500 twice, bench 375 times 2, leg press over 900 times 6 reps. I have trained my body, sacrificed and given everything I can give at a chance to participate in sports once more before it’s too late and i will continue to do so for a chance to play for you. Upon returning from the Army, i enrolled in school where my first semester back in 2017 was a 4.0 GPA, but because of my 2011 blunder, my cumulative sits at around 2.50- I work hard on and off the field and exhibit all the qualities of leadership that you would expect from a veteran looking to once again play sports.

I’m not asking for a position on your team, I am asking for a chance to prove that I can earn it.