Chris Kraft

CHRISTOPHER JAMES KRAFTHi, my name is Chris Kraft. I am currently Active Duty United Sates Marines (3/5) Infantry. I get out in April of 2018. I was born in Sherman Texas then moved to McKinney Texas where I started playing football. I played football in Middle School and played 4 years 6A High School Football for McKinney Boyd. After High School I attended Colorado Mesa University with an Athletic Scholarship from McKinney Texas. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from CMU with a GPA of 3.42.My High School Football program at McKinney Boyd was one of rigor, dedication and perseverance. During High School I played QB and WR. My focus in football was to help my team win while improving my leadership, speed, agility, size, and my overall physical and mental skills for the game. It was an honor to finish my High School Football career as designated Co-Captain for our game against one of the largest and most well-know 6A Football Teams in Texas (Allen Eagles). On the field and in practice I am a motivator, leader and dedicated team player. When it comes to football and “everything in my life”, I always give 110% and “NEVER QUIT”. I train hard, play hard and always have my team’s back. My time in the military has reinforced my devotion to teamwork, leadership, integrity, execution, being the best and winning. I have only bettered my skills in taking the lead, setting an example, being responsible and removing obstacles. My love for football never faded during the years I was completing my degree in Criminal Justice at CMU. I graduated August 2015 with a 3.42 GPA. I made the conscious decision after high school to attend college and then enter the Marines, knowing that I would keep in peek physical condition allowing me to pursue my football career after completion of my commitment to my country and the United States Marine Corp.Contact info:[email protected]