Chris Ahmed

I started playing football my sophomore year of high school after only playing soccer my whole life. Went straight to varsity and started loving the sport. I was a three year, dual sport varsity soccer and football player. I missed only one extra point throughout my career and went 2 for 4 my whole career there in field goals. (We didn’t believe in kicking much.) I accumulated 22 touchbacks and had a 40 yard average in punts. In high school I was more focused on soccer, mainly because I did not think I was a football player. But after I joined the Navy, I realized what I have been missing out on and have been working hard to become a college bound kicker ever since. Throughout the Navy, I have had a great experience. Boot camp was actually a good time for me, after getting into the groove of things, I enjoyed the hard work that we all put in as a team and didn’t take it for granted. I then went to Texas for schooling on my job, and passed through there having a great time learning my place in the Navy. There I was able to choose my first duty station, and I chose Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I arrived April of 2014 and quickly got into the groove of things. I earned my place as a patrolman and didn’t stop; by November of 2014 I was training all the new people that arrived to GTMO. I was promoted and soon will be making E-5 as well. I have had a great time here and learned a lot of leadership, but now I am headed to Port Hueneme, California. From there I will spend one year as patrol of the base, and I am very excited for that. By December of 2017, I will be out of the Navy and ready to give my all to a college football team. I have always been a natural leader, my work ethic is always high and my dedication to the team I am on is unmatched. As of right now I am averaging a comfortable 50 yard field goal, 45-50 yard punts and 60-65 yards on kickoffs. I am putting in work every single day, even with my job, to become better and it is paying off. I will not give up and I will continue to work hard after I am accepted to a team. I am very excited for my future, and while obtaining my future, I want to win championships with a great football team.