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First I want to thank you for your time ! My soccer journey began in 2006 after watching Zidane in his last World Cup. In 2006 I attended Millikin university and had the honor of serving under two great coaches; Craig Lee, and B.J. Noble. At the time, I was battling with self identity, what I now want know as depression, and a lack of real drive or direction in my life. Soccer literally kept me alive during those years. I wasn’t mature enough to take responsibility for myself, and my school career ended very abruptly(after one year).In 2008 I went back home worked, went to community college and played club soccer whenever I could. This was during a time where there wasn’t apps like meetup or all the cool abilities to find pick up games that exists now. Most times all I had was a ball and a wall, with big dreams.After two years of doing all the aforementioned, I enlisted into the Navy. The Navy was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was met with challenges and the ability to mold my identity anew. I was able to not only play soccer at a reasonably competitive level, my understanding for the game grew and I volunteered to coach youth, peer, and adult soccer. I hold no official FIFA coaching licenses. I’m just now ending an 8 year tour in the Navy as a Hospital corpsman, and I’ve done some really cool stuff. Most of all, I cultivated and focused my love for ball. I’ve had the opportunity of playing in the FIFA league, division I in the country of Guam, for four years. Three years prior to that for the Navy and two different commands. I’m now preparing to finish school (yes at 31), and continue following my passion for ball. I prefer being a player as to coach right now because it allows me to be on the ground level with my peers. I’m very passionate about building youth and always have been. My vision is to spread the love of the game, and to help evolve the American culture of the beautiful game.- I’m strong positionally as a CDM, CAM, and CF. – I am primarily right footed however I’ve always incorporated my “weak foot” into my training.- Speed, endurance, vision and anticipation are my strengths. I excel in positions that allow me freedom to create space, or start plays.- I’ve played in 4-4-2; 4-3-3; and 4-3-2-1 formations in all positions except goal keeper.